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Marlena races to John's side this week when he suffers a seizure and is rushed to the hospital. Deidre Hall expounds on the "stand by your man" moment and her character's determination to save her beloved husband.

SOW: At the beginning of the week, Marlena tells Anna about John's erratic behavior - like punching Trent - and that she's resigned to divorcing him. Is she totally done?

DH: Marlena steps back and realizes this is just crazy behavior. John's actions are so far afield that Marlena can't see any part of the old John in him. She doesn't believe it's there to be retrieved. So Marlena had decided to completely break ties with him.

SOW: She's moving on, but is she totally at peace with this decision?

DH: No. We all know because of their deep and profound love, if anything changed, her head would spin around. There's always a part of Marlena that is still attached to John, married to him, adoring him, desiring him.

SOW: That (part) is stirred when John has a seizure and is rushed to the hospital. What does Marlena do?

DH: Marlena comes rushing to his side the minute she hears there's something wrong. She's tender with John. It's like (your behavior with) a child. Regardless of what they've done or what's going on, when they're in trouble or in need, you are there for them. It pulls up all that maternal, protective, loving stuff. That's who Marlena is.

SOW: Kayla shares John's CT scan results with Marlena. What's the gist of it?

DH: John's brain doesn't have a normal appearance, and that's very concerning. Obviously, he's been brainwashed, but Marlena and Kayla are not sure what else is going on.

SOW: Marlena comes to the realization that this all stems from what Stefano did to John. What does she do?

DH: She realizes Stefano is the only person who can undo this. Marlena runs out of the hospital and heads to see Stefano. She confronts him and calls him some names. She demands he come clean with what he's done to John. She reveals to him it's her belief that if something doesn't happen soon, John is going to die.

SOW: Stefano flatly refuses to help her. How does Marlena react?

DH: Her emotions run the gamut. She is furious. She is pleading. She is vulnerable. She goes through all that.

SOW: Later, Marlena returns to the hospital to study John's x-rays. What is her game plan in lieu of the fact that Stefano won't help her?

DH: Marlena is determined to find a way to save John's life. She won't give up because Stefano said no. She's got nothing to fear. Nothing to lose. Stefano had her attacked and drugged in her apartment. He destroyed the man she loves. There's not much left for her to lose. She's coming to John's rescue. Nothing and no one is going to stop her.

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