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*Not much this week for Days!*

Sneak peeks:

Chelsea admits she still has feelings for Nick
Lexie severs all ties with Stefano
Victor demands that Nicole return his settlement
Hope receives an intriguing job offer

Next week:

Stephanie learns Trent's fate
Bo makes an arrest
Chloe and Philip flirt
Sami and EJ fight


John has a seizure
Victor makes a mysterious call about Trent
Daniel sees Chelsea for the first time since her return to Salem

Who's going:

Roscoe Born (Trent Robbins): Trent is murdered this week, sparking a whodunit. He is under contract until October 31, so expect to see him in newly created flashbacks.

*Edited with Rosoce Born's comments on his exit:

For actor Roscoe Born, the news of his character's exit didn't come as a complete surprise. He got an inkling, "When Joe Mascolo returned as Stefano," recalls the actor. "I didn't think they would want two villains." Born adds that scripts were suddenly changed to make Trent more despicable where daughter Melanie was concerned. Initially, a sympathetic Melanie was supposed to suggest a Gamblers Anonymous program to her addicted father. "Then I got pink pages," says Born, "which are re-writes." In the new scripts, the Melanie/Claude scenes were added.

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