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Sep 17 2008, 11:17 PM
^^ Tim, I don't think we're going to reach common ground on this, because we're not coming from the same perspective. I am not basing my thoughts on numbers or episode statistics. When I say "background", I don't necessarily mean number of episodes. Let's take Bo and Hope. In my opinion, many viewers are invested in Bo and Hope as characters. Bo and Hope could carry a long-term lead story on the show. But the way they're written now, it's almost like weekly sitcom episodes. Bo gets sick. He gets better. They renew their vows. That's over. Bo has issues at work. Hope's promoted. This is exactly what I mean by 'background'. Their story is not central to the show. They have no long-term storyline, unlike let's say, Nicole. It's been posted here many times that Nicole seems to be the only character for whom Higley has a long-term vision.

As for the issue of the characters themselves, I agree completely with ges's excellent post earlier in the thread. Nicole is written as infallible. She's strong, intelligent and powerful, while many of the other characters (particularly the women imo) are often written as indecisive doormats.
Sami and Marlena were the only indecisive doormats and that has since changed, conveniently when Higley's stuff is back onscreen. Makes me wonder if Ed Scott was the problem. Higley is accused of writing during the strike when Marlena was very much in character and when fans were pleased with the J&M story. Isn't it funny how things really went downhill around May, when so much of the show went into a incohesive, directionless pit? That was clearly when ED and Dena began the true in-fighting which led right to Ed changing things. I'm not defending Higley. I'm not saying she is perfect but it is telling when you look at how things were in winter and early spring and where things went in late spring/early summer. Things had direction, most it, and now they do again with Marlena and Sami regaining their characters in true form.

I also can't understand how Nicole has always been empowered. That isn't the case at all. Higley had her written as a tragic figure when she returned. One who doubted she could find love or happiness without scheming and covered up her own hurt by snarky comments. Then, the summer comes, and while some of her direction was maintained, she became spineless. She just sat around and did nothing until recently when she called the cops on Sami. Her whole summer she was a doormat.

As for Bo and Hope, their story was central to the show when Bo was sick. That was all the show was about through all of March and then they got embroiled in the Ava plot which was the nonstop focus for all of April. Then they were part of the Paul story which was all the focus in July and in early/late August (Olympic week interfered with that). They are clearly going to be a part of the Stefano plot, which looks to be playing a role in the shakeup at the PD so that is a central story. Steve and Kayla are still the only ones in the background and even that will likely change once the Trent murder stuff gets going and they work more on Steve and Kayla's involvement in the Dimera story, which was hinted at a few times thus far. I don't even think we have differing perspective. I think it's in expectation. You expect Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Steve, and Kayla to drive the big stories all the time but I clearly think you have to variation, which has been my argument over the past few days. I have no problem at all with Nicole driving a frontburner story that is the main focus of the show or Philip doing that or even Abe or Lexie. I care about them and the show is what made me care about them. I have no issue with your view, Ellie, and if I'm reading it wrong, I apologize. I guess we disagree regardless but I think we both have differing expectations of the show and that is where the issue is.
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