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Sep 18 2008, 11:02 AM
I think the illness is just a way for Kate and Dan to spend time together and for Dan to fall for Kate because that's his MO is to fall for sick women. The fall preview said they were rolling with Kate and Dan because they thought they had chemistry (shows how clueless this show is about chemistry).

I don't think LK is the "vet on the bubble" because she is Phillip & Lucas' mother and Chelsea's grandmother. I don't think they'd kill off a character with ties to other central characters like this. They might give her a break like they did Bryan Dattillo to save $$$ but as I mentioned above, I think she's finally getting a story after being on the backburner or most of the last year.
Exactly. I read in the fall preview of SOD that when Chelea sees Dan and Kate together during this crisis,she realizes its over between them for good.Dan will probably wind up askingKateto marry him. And I couldn't disagree more on your Dan and Kate chemistry opinion
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