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For my fellow J&M fans:

For months, Marlena has been sympathetic, patient and loving where an emotionally void John was concerned. But the recent hospital lock-down had opposite effects on them; she emerged from her near death experience fiercely independent, where he turned suddenly needy. The role reversal proved compelling during their show down in her office.

"Ever since I realized you were alive, I've done one thing - I focused on you," she explained, with anger in her voice and eyes blazing as she rued the time she wasted with what now seemed like a lost cause. "Helping you get better, helping you grow stronger, helping you remember our live together. I can't do that anymore. It has to be about me now." A befuddled John called her selfish, then noted, "I finally realized how important you are to me." But it was too little, too late as far as Marlena was concerned and you felt badly for John that he didn't understand that.

He wouldn't let it go, though, an Hogestyn deftly demonstrated John's conflict. He changed his tone, taking a more gentle approach in manner and voice, yet still acting borderline petulant that he wasn't getting his way. Hall's gaze went from starry eyed to sympathetic and "Oh, dear, you just don't get it," kind of way. So he dug deeper, referencing their previous lovemaking at the plane crash site earlier this year. "That's all I was thinking about when you were lying in that hospital bed... 'Wow, I might never feel that way with her again. Or hear your voice, or see you smile. And I kind of just short-circuited," he said softly, tears brimming in his eyes. That did it. Thinking he had truly changed, her walls came down and she began to cry, too. She confessed how alone she felt and he assured her that she wouldn't be anymore. They hugged, and he grinned triumphantly (and mischievously?) over her shoulder in a way that indicated he knew exactly what he was doing, saying the right words to lure her back into his life - and his bed. And it worked.

So, has John really changed? We're not too sure, but it took only one episode to make it clear that this fan favorite duo still has a lot of mileage in their pas de deux.

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