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Flying Monkey
Sep 18 2008, 08:23 PM
I agree! While JER's possession story was more than just a tad fantastical but it contained all the right elements as you said. When the writing is good, covering all the bases it should, then I can suspend belief a bit. Today we have no buildups, we rarely see the fallout or impact, except to hear about it in passing or later learn that it happened offscreen. How on earth can the viewer become invested in something they don't get to see, that they don't experience right along with the characters?

I so miss those voice overs, when they used to let us in on what a character was thinking or feeling. These days it's just a guess as to what the characters think or feel and tomorrow that will change without rhyme or reason.
Haha we agreed with each other at the same time. I'll agree completely with this too. Regarding your second paragraph, Dena Higley sadly does not incorporate point-of-view into her writing. As you're saying, through characters speaking aloud, or through dreams or even side conversations between characters, we used to get inside the characters' minds. Because of that, we identified with the characters and became very much emotionally invested in the story. None of that is happening now, and that's one reason that the storylines seem so hollow.
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