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I am so psyched about this-- it really has been such a turnoff the whole summer not having them around AND/OR having to watch them act completely out of character...

The reason their fan base is so rabid is not just the DHs on-screen chemistry [which is unique and fantastic and enduring). It is this underlying thread that the characters never give up on each other...and when they do, it is only out of sacrifice...all Gift of the Magi stuff...which causes great angsty looks and fabulous fantasy scenes. This summer was a total violation of that, and that's why I simply stopped watching.

I can't wait to have the real J&M back! HURRAY!!!

And the rest of the show seems to be picking up too. Though this week [my happiness re J&M scenes on Wed aside] was a sheer mess. You can tell they are trying to get the house back in order...when do Tomlin's epis begin airing? Was yesterday still credited to Scott?
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