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ok, though I don't see that make one character or the other more deserving, except for you personally. Just because a character has a higher degree of morality doesn't make that character more deserving than another(unless that is the case for you because you like Abe better).

No, I donít think itís just me who thinks that a ďmoralĒ (using your word here, not mine) character such as Abe deserves a wife who loves him and isnít just keeping him around while she waits to meet her next lover. Unless of course you like Lexie better and therefore are willing to overlook and excuse her bad behavior.

A good character is one that grabs the imagination and there are just as many morally bankrupt characters who do that...probably more lol

Youíre preaching to the choir here on loving morally bankrupt characters, Stefano has been one of all time favorites since he arrived in Salem. But I donít try to make excuses for his behavior or believe he should ultimately triumph in any situation.

since when is disagreeing with anyone's point of view on this board considered picking a fight?

If you simply disagreed with what I actually said there wouldnít be a problem. You claimed I said something I didnít in order to support your position. Accusing me of only liking Abe so long as he supports my favorites, which was incorrect and very presumptuous. Purposefully misquoting someone to strengthen your position is considered trying to pick a fight in most neighborhoods.

you said that you'd always considered Abe a supporting character and then went on to complain about how his character deserves so much better than the story he's got now, in which he is being written as a lead. It sure sounded to me like you were complaining that should not be the case...not just because he was being written out of character but because you're assuming what the story was going to be about something you'd rather not see. You seemed to be equating the two things...him out of character and him in this story where he is a lead. If not, great but that was what I got out of your post.

Again slightly changing what I said to fit your argument. I NEVER said that Abe deserves so much better than the story heís got now, although he does all the characters doÖ I said he deserved a better than a wife then the one he has now, one who isnít ready to jump the bones of the next guy who comes around the corner.

Once again I do believe that I said all characters should be written in character, no distinctions between leading or supporting (which you quoted me on btw). Abe along with almost every other character has been written out of character for some time now and the characters, actors and fans do deserve better. I think itís you who is equating two, since they are entirely separate issues. Abe deserves to be written in character in whichever capacity.

I think youíre real beef is that I think certain characters should be supporting roles and certain ones should be lead roles and you disagree, which is fine but it might help if you addressed that. Youíve already questioned how I could be a fan of a supporting character and not want them to be in a lead role and Iím not sure whatís so hard to understand about that. I love my local high school football team and I love the cheerleaders, but I donít want to see the cheerleaders take the field, they arenít cut out for it.
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