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Sep 17 2008, 04:46 PM
I like where your mind is at Pearly!
Hope being promoted because she is hot...but I can already see Bo cringing the way he does telling Hope that the mayor isn't sincere, and Hope getting all offended.

Also, didn't she just join the force a few months ago? And already she trumps Bo, Roman and all the other detectives to be commissioner?
Yeah, I was wondering about this too...but then I reminded myself this is Salem. If you start questioning things, you likely will be driven to some level of insanity. Take Lexie for instance - what goddamn university did she attend to become both a cop AND doctor (and not just a GP, but but a specialist in several disciplines). On top of that, she can't even tell the good people of Salem whether they're dead or alive!

LOL that aside, I like that both the Police Commissioner and Chief of Staff positions are women! That's interesting, can't remember that happening in the past...
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