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Flying Monkey
Sep 19 2008, 12:19 AM
But I donít try to make excuses for his behavior or believe he should ultimately triumph in any situation.
:lol: speaking of putting words into someone else's mouth


If you simply disagreed with what I actually said there wouldnít be a problem. You claimed I said something I didnít in order to support your position.

if you can't handle behaving yourself in a civil manner without accusing someone else of attacking you just because that person read something into your post you weren't expecting, perhaps you should refrain from debating. I have not called you rude, only pointed out at that what you did in the original post which I responded to came across in a far different way to me that you obviously think it did or should. That doesn't mean I'm picking a fight. That means I read something into it that you say you didn't mean and if you'll notice, I wasn't the only one who read it that way. Plenty of things said in this median can be interpreted in ways the poster didn't expect. That doesn't necessarily mean the person responding twisted your words. That means they noticed something you didn't.

Accusing me of only liking Abe so long as he supports my favorites, which was incorrect and very presumptuous. Purposefully misquoting someone to strengthen your position is considered trying to pick a fight in most neighborhoods

I didn't accuse you of anything lol...I pointed out that it appeared that you wanted Abe to remain a supporting character because he would continue to prop your favorites. He hasn't done practically anything other than that in years and you are the one saying you don't feel he is lead character material. What other reason is there for you to begrudge the character a leading role? You obviously don't want him to stay in a supporting role so he can watch Lexie cheat on him. What else is he going to do other than hang around the police Station getting J/M out of their endless troubles?

Again slightly changing what I said to fit your argument. I NEVER said that Abe deserves so much better than the story heís got now, although he does all the characters doÖ I said he deserved a better than a wife then the one he has now, one who isnít ready to jump the bones of the next guy who comes around the corner.

yes you did (see quote below)...granted it came along with making assumptions about where the story was headed, but that sounds to me like you are saying he deserves a better story than the one Higley is writing for him. Just because you later qualified it that you mean he deserved better than Lexie cheating on him again doesn't change what you wrote in this post... that in your opinion, it was Higley's intent, i.e. the story and it's failings. After all, Lexie can't cheat on him unless Higley writes it into the storyline which you already believe is the direction she is going.

I really don't think this story is about them either. Besides being a vehicle to champion Higley's pet cause it will simply end with a rift between Abe and Lexie and yet another excuse for Lexie to become romantically involved with some other guy again. Knowing Higley she'll probably have Abe cheating too, thinking that will excuse Lexie's conduct. Abe has always been one of my favorite secondary characters and he deserve so much better.

I think youíre real beef is that I think certain characters should be supporting roles and certain ones should be lead roles and you disagree, which is fine but it might help if you addressed that. Youíve already questioned how I could be a fan of a supporting character and not want them to be in a lead role and Iím not sure whatís so hard to understand about that. I love my local high school football team and I love the cheerleaders, but I donít want to see the cheerleaders take the field, they arenít cut out for it.

I find that idea of supposed limitations very sad
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