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Flying Monkey
Sep 18 2008, 07:49 PM
Ok, here is what gives characters like Steve and Kayla and others the right to a frontburner storyline, it all comes down to popularity, which means marketability. Time served doesn't automatically give a character/actor the rights to a frontburner storyline. The fact that James Reynolds or Renee Jones or whoever have been on Days X number of years is not a guarantee or entitlement to be the lead in a storyline. This isn't little league where everybody gets a chance to play, it's a business. The fan bases for these characters just are not big enough to warrant that. That they've been the Days for so long now shows that if they were ever going to be a big drawing card, they already would have been. I know Renee Jones has been invoved in several big stories in the past, but until she got this story I didn't see many or any posts about her or the character or any campaigns to put her into a story.

Characters like Abe, Lexie, Kate, Victor, Roman, Stefano, Maggie, Tony, Anna etc have fans. The difference is that they don't have rabid fans like John & Marlena, Steve & Kayla, Bo & Hope and Jack & Jennifer.
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