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Steve Frame
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As far as I know there is no real backstory with CBS and ABC - just your normal industry dealings.

Now with NBC and ABC there has been a long history of animosity ever since GH worked to steal Denise Alexander who was NBC's most popular star in the 70's.

Then later ABC took advantage of AW's firings of Courtney and Reinholt and stole them.

After that GH lured The Doctors writers Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock to write GH along with 2 more top stars, Anna Stuart & Gerald Gordon.

When that didn't work out with the Pollocks they released the Pollocks and stole Douglas Marland who had successfully replaced the Pollocks at The Doctors.

NBC has worked for years to try and get back at ABC. First offering Susan Lucci an unheard of type contract in the late 70's. They told her to pick any role on one of their soaps and it was hers. She didn't take the offer.

NBC did grab up OLTL's departing producer Doris Quinlan to work at The Doctors along with hiring several of the stars who had been popular on OLTL - James Storm, Katherine Glass, Doris Belack and Nancy Pinkerton. They also hired ABC's most popular male at the time - Lee Patterson who had been released from OLTL.

NBC's best grab was hiring back Pat Falken Smith as writer for Days when she left GH. However they didn't keep her and fired her not long afterward.

Sadly in the long run, NBC never got the ratings gains nor the publicity from their steals that ABC got in the 70's.
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