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I would really hate to see them put forth the idea of using abortion as the only form of birth control the show uses. That is totally tacky and puts forth a really bad idea!
Kill a child to further or kill a storyline?? It would be "lights out" for the show.

If they go the route of having Sami pregnant too, from all the sites I have been reading, this will just push the character of Sami into a down hill slide....and there isn't much "hill" left. I don't think they could pull the show out of another big mistake like that.
I think they are trying to turn the characters back to "themselves" or what they should have been, all along. Then writing s/l's that make some sense to pull the viewers back. They are going to have to hurry, and use some intelligent writing to do it.
Sami being pregnant too, is just more, Ewwww!
They need to mature Sami more, right now she just doesn't fit into the older cast, nor into the younger cast....and why--at the character's age--should she still be throwing tantrums...
I love Ali, and I used too Sami....but the last few years, it's getting harder and harder to actually "care" about her....she just too childish and wishy-washy. They have just thrown her under the train too many times.
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