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Sep 18 2008, 08:24 PM
Sep 18 2008, 07:38 PM
Sep 18 2008, 07:32 PM
^All the more reason why her becoming a lead isn't necessarily a bad thing. People are used to her and she has proven she can carry a story and, there I say, the show. Does that mean she should be on everyday a la Ali Sweeney last year? No. It just means she is talented enough.

This show could use a damn lead that isn't a Brady or Horton. At least she can move through different stories and can be paired with anyone. Most of all, she can ACT.
When did she prove that she could carry a story?? Because Dena has a girl crush and decided she needs to be in every storyline..

And obviously I'm gonna disagree with the assessment that Ali became a lead just last year. She's been part of the core of this show for years and not as a supporting character.

She's not even involved in every story. She's involved in the Ej/Sami story and in the Trent story. That's it. Is she involved in the Dimera story? No. Is she involved in the autism story? No. Contrast that with last year when the whole show was controlled by both Sami and EJ. The whole Dimera story last year ran through both characters and that was the biggest story of the year and it dominated the airtime EVERY SINGLE DAY. Look at the episode counts. Is Nicole on every single day? Is every story on the show working through her? Is she taking it upon herself to end the reign of the town's major crime family? No. I didn't think so.

Arianne Zucker was not very good when she first came upon the scene in 1998. However, when tossed in with Kate, Victor, and Lucas she came into her own. She was the only good thing about that piece of shit tropical temptation story. Her performance in scenes opposite her father were mesmerizing. Not to mention her performances with John Aniston, particularly during the Colin murder story. She was also very good when Brady learned the truth about her and during her brief fling with Austin (when Peck left her performance in her last scene with him in Vegas was fantastic). Now, Higley has chose to tap into the side that Nicole tends to cover for and Arianne has embraced it and shown just how good of an actress she has become. She doesn't ham it up. She's subtle at times and adds special nuances where she feels it's needed. She's risen above bad writing at times as well, something some vets don't do. She carried the show through April, May, and June IMO when the show was directionless and in upheaval. Her performance today showed why she can be lead and can carry a story. If you don't like her, fine but I don't think her acting abilities can be disputed.
And if truth be known, I first fell for her acting when she and Ali were together back in the Stan days (NOT for the fruit roll up storyline of Chloe), but those two girls had a fantastic comedic chemistry. Ironic, huh? I guess it would be criminal to say now that someone could like both actors. Well, I would if Sami's character hadn't been so trashed lately by the writing. Now, THERE'S someone who had major overexposure, even as a lead.
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