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Sep 18 2008, 09:40 PM
Although it hurt my EJami loving heart, I thought today's EJ/Nicole scene was pretty good. Slightly cheesy, but EJ describing their date and Nicole crying (great crying btw!)...that just broke my heart. It was romantic, and nice to see a couple talk about dating and getting to know each other...and EJ knew what wine Nicole drank and what to eat and while major cheese, I liked the "chaste kiss" comment. Nice to see EJ doesn't totally think of Nicole as a hot piece of ass.

From spoilers, we know that they don't actually get the date and soon all hell will break loose, but for right now, they were romantic and I like a good romantic story.

Phillip and Kate were also pretty cute together today too. Loved Phillip taking control over his mom to get tested and the blood was an excellent touch. Where as sometimes I doubt Lucas' feelings for his mom, I get the impression that Philly loves his mother and their relationship is more balanced than hers and Lucas'.

Mayor Martino? Or Marino? Nice looking guy either way. Loved how he took control over the SPD idiots, and I was thinking that if Abe quit his job and Lexie loses hers, maybe this is how Dena is getting the autism story to balance out showing the financial struggles with the working struggles.
What is Abe going to do now? Retire and care for Theo?

Loved seeing Julie, Doug and Victor...

Come to think of it, today's show just rocked all around. Loved all the stories, the movement, etc.
Good call, Pheonix! I was excited to watch it after your post!

Now I can't wait to see tomorrows...Austin and Billie? Really?
I bow to you, too, and your fairness. ;)
Shoot, I need to quit typing and go watch my recordings from this week! I'm sorely behind.
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