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Sep 19 2008, 09:35 AM
Marlena wasn't the to turn her back on John and Marlena,JOHN was,the moment he was ''afraid of the past'' as Old John put it was when he did,the second he destroyed the disc and lab was when he turned his back.Marlena has been through an emotional rollercoaster the last 11 months,you cannot go thru what she has and not be changed in some way,thats what happens in life good or crappy situations can change us and make us think differently.

The way I saw it Marlena turned her back on John the moment she started pushing for him to be 'old' John for herself. She didn't think about his welfare or even try to help him thru what Stefano did to him. She only wanted 'her' John back. Imo, Marlena has been written horribly. She has generally put John's needs above hers, and this time her need to have 'old' John back as he was took priority. She was selfish. I can't erase it, but I'm gonna do my best to ignore it and go on.

I don't blame John because he's the victim this time, the one who needed Marlena to stand by him. Just like I didn't blame Marlena for what she did to John when she was possessed or lost her memory. I missed John's core goodness, but given that Stefano intentionally did things to John's brain, I can't say he was out of character so much as playing a character who'd had his soul taken by Stefano. I really wanted to see Marlena stand by him and help him get it back. Instead she pushed him into Ava's arms. He needed SOMEONE to give him a chance. It should have been Marlena.

After Wednesday's show, I'm hopeful the new writing will turn things around. Marlena was a bit more like her old self, and John was awesome! I love him accepting that he can't make her happy, but realizing how much he cares for her. I like them apart right now. No one does angst, longing, love better than Drake. :) I want them to get to know each other all over again. No matter what I'd like them to be friends even if they go their separate ways.

New writer, new life. I'm anxious to see what they will do with this story. I'm going to try to be optimistic.
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