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Sep 20 2008, 07:39 AM
I don't think Philip will get a new girl, I think they'll reunite him with Chloe (I hope!). If the rumor is true, it sounds like BD might be the one without a storyline. Maybe he's the beloved vet that will be going?
Soooo, what does this have to do with Galen Gering? Man. Poor Lucas. Potential threat to two couples and people are calling for his head. :huh:
Oh, well. If this dude shows up, he shows up. I would hate to see Chloe and Philip together, because I would hate to have to FF through JKJ. I actually think Lucas and Chloe have this nice little lovebuddy vibe going. Nothing exciting, but cute to watch. Certainly, I think Lucas is being written better out of Sami's orbit for a while. And, I can even tolerate Chloe while she's with him. It's time to bring Belle back for Philip.
And, now, back to the topic...................I'm still interested in finding out who this famous mary is. Does she do Galen's laundry? Does she clean his house? Is her husband Galen's dentist? Is SHE Galen's dentist?
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