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Sep 20 2008, 04:00 AM
Sep 19 2008, 06:34 PM
Regarding the preview - this is like 'instant murder mystery'. Set up everyone with a motive within a few weeks, someone gets killed, whooo is the killer? I bet the whole thing will be over in a week or two.

It's like Dena's just flipping through the 'soap writing playbook'. She tries different types of stories each month, then moves on to the next. Plane crash? Check. Premature baby? Over and done with. Illness? Done that, doing it again. Infidelity? You bet. I think if she'd actually invest some time in any of these stories, the viewers would become invested as well.
There were rumors that this had been rewritten after Scott was fired and Roscoe even said that it was.
That's the whole thing. People forget that Days seems to be in a constant state of transition, which can contribute to some of this inconsistency. If Corday would just KEEP someone, bad or good, for a while, maybe the consistency will return.
Certainly, if Scott wrote things one way, they'll trash it so Higley and Whitesell can redo it.
And, again, I'm not going to bash it until I see it. I've actually been pleasantly surprised a couple of times lately. Disappointed, too, but also surprised. I've never expected Days to give me 100% of what I want all the time, and it's too much to ask of ANY TV show, even the top rated ones. That's why I make sure I have other forms of entertainment. :D
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