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Sep 19 2008, 08:50 PM
I am so happy for MBE and her break on SVU. Can't wait to watch her! Now THAT was a great blog!
Thanks for sharing!

I also took a peek at some of Dena's comments, and crap! I can't believe that woman still writes blogs because some of the responses are awful to her...EJami fans trashing her, Dansea fans trash her. I wouldn't blame her if out of contempt, she broke up both couples.
Guess James hasn't named his dog yet either.
I think she pretty well broke up Dansea. Any writer would get nasty crap like that, no matter how good he or she was. Some people will just never be happy as long as they're not getting their way. :huh: And, of course, my views on radical fans in the fanbases are pretty well known. ;)
The damn problem is, when the powers that be AND actors get to the power where they are consistently trying to cater to these people (who probably don't even constitute the majority of folks who just want to watch a soap in general and don't write or hang around message boards), Days loses.
Shoot, I'm getting on that soapbox again. :soapbox:

LOVE Mary Beth Evans! From what I understand, she's one who has her feet solidly on the ground and has some common sense and doesn't let this crap and celebrity go to her head. Gotta love someone who doesn't take herself so damn seriously. OR the whole supercouple thing.
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