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Sep 20 2008, 08:26 AM
Soooo, what does this have to do with Galen Gering?

Um, I said "If this rumor is true..." said rumor referring to Galen Gering joining the show as a love interest for Sami.

And I'm certainly not the first person who has speculated BD might be going. And I'm not the one who wrote Philip and Chloe flirting and kissing in the next two weeks - which might presumably lead one to imagine that the Lucas/Chloe pairing might soon be done.

In which case, as I said, if the Galen Gering rumor is true, it might mean BD is out of a job. I don't see where I called for his head - I wouldn't want BD to get fired - I think Lucas and Sami should reunite. But thanks for trying to put words in my mouth.

Yes, but I'm sorry. I still see it as a way to get a BD dig in, especially since Galen was a token mention. And, I'm perfectly aware you're not the only one, and you're not the only one I've broached this subject to, so you need not feel singled out. I'm more than aware of how Lucas is viewed among certain, shall I say, Days party lines? :huh:
I assumed this thread was more speculation about that actor coming in, not who's going out.

c'est la vie. My opinion has been made, and will probably stay. Sorry if it seems unfair. But, until I see something to convince me otherwise, I'm going to keep it, just like you will probably keep your wish of seeing him gone.

Once again, I'm going back to speculate on Galen only. Can anyone direct me to any decent Passions scenes he was in so I can see if I'll be happy or throwing things if this comes to pass? I would appreciate it. The only times I ever watched Passions was maybe the last 5 minutes while waiting for Days to come on. I can't say it enthralled me any, but I'm not one for 24 hour camp unless it's old Batman or Star Trek episodes. :D
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