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Sep 18 2008, 09:17 PM
wow, I disagree with the marketability part of this post. Suggesting that the leads in a frontburner storyline HAVE to have a large fanbase to begin with completely flies in the face of why the 80s worked...those supercouples weren't supercouples to begin with and wouldn't have been if TPTB wouldn't have had the nerve to take risks with characters that the viewers didn't know or care about,, and yes, I realize none of it would have worked without descent writing which is sadly lacking the last several years but assuming it's never going to happen?? And what a slap to those actors without a huge fanbase, suggesting they are not capable with a good story of creating excitement where none existed before. I guess I believe that the audience is more savvy...if something is entertaining, no matter who the characters are, they will tune it to watch it.
Sigh, I didnít suggest anything, what I actually said was that these characters have large fans bases and that is what keeps them on top and in frontburner storylines. When the 80ís ushered in the supercouple era, we were already well acquainted with half of each pairing.

I consider Roman and Marlena to be the first supercouple. Marlena was already a well established character when they brought in Roman. They added parts of Romanís family, first Kayla (played by Catherine Mary Stewart in the beginning) and she was an established character by the time they brought in Steve. Bo arrived for Roman and Marlenaís wedding and they brought back the character of Hope soarsed to meet Bo age, but Hope as Doug and Addieís daughter and Julieís stepdaughter had already been long established. Same with Jack and Jennifer, they soarased and brought back Jennifer from the same boarding school in Switzerland that Hope went to. And of course later Drake was brought in to play Roman and then John, with the well established character of Marlena. So adding these new characters wasnít all that risky, considering that the other half of each couple was already quite familiar to the audience.

Yes, none of it would have worked without decent writing and yes it has been sadly lacking the last several years. Long enough to realize that somebody shit in the talent pool in Hollywood. Days has suffered through some of the worst writers imaginable for over ten years now starting with the end of JERís first run, then to Sussman-Molina, Langan, Higley, Cwickley and Brash after that I kind of stop paying attention so Iím not sure if anyone came after those and before JERís second run, then Sheffer and now back to Higley. I think assuming that things arenít going to get better before the pink slip arrives would be a good one to make.

It really would help matters if you didnít misquote me. I DID NOT say that some actors werenít capable with a good story of creating excitement, although in some cases that is true. Some actors just arenít cut out for lead roles for whatever reason, that isnít unique to Days or daytime, a lot of actors have made a verygood living playing supporting characters. I have seen James Reynolds shine in a supporting role, thatís what has endeared him to me all these years, but I do think he has what it takes to be a lead, the answer is no.

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