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Sep 20 2008, 02:05 PM
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Sep 20 2008, 12:21 PM
Sep 18 2008, 09:17 PM
wow, I disagree with the marketability part of this post. Suggesting that the leads in a frontburner storyline HAVE to have a large fanbase to begin with completely flies in the face of why the 80s worked...those supercouples weren't supercouples to begin with and wouldn't have been if TPTB wouldn't have had the nerve to take risks with characters that the viewers didn't know or care about,, and yes, I realize none of it would have worked without descent writing which is sadly lacking the last several years but assuming it's never going to happen?? And what a slap to those actors without a huge fanbase, suggesting they are not capable with a good story of creating excitement where none existed before. I guess I believe that the audience is more savvy...if something is entertaining, no matter who the characters are, they will tune it to watch it.

Sigh, I didnít suggest anything, what I actually said was that these characters have large fans bases and that is what keeps them on top and in frontburner storylines. When the 80ís ushered in the supercouple era, we were already well acquainted with half of each pairing.

really?? that's what you said??...cause if you look at what you posted which I'm adding below, especially the part I put in bold, that isn't what you SAID at all....

Ok, here is what gives characters like Steve and Kayla and others the right to a frontburner storyline, it all comes down to popularity, which means marketability. Time served doesn't automatically give a character/actor the rights to a frontburner storyline. The fact that James Reynolds or Renee Jones or whoever have been on Days X number of years is not a guarantee or entitlement to be the lead in a storyline. This isn't little league where everybody gets a chance to play, it's a business. The fan bases for these characters just are not big enough to warrant that. That they've been the Days for so long now shows that if they were ever going to be a big drawing card, they already would have been. I know Renee Jones has been invoved in several big stories in the past, but until she got this story I didn't see many or any posts about her or the character or any campaigns to put her into a story.

you will notice, it specifically says, the characters, such as Lexie and Abe have fanbases that are NOT large enough to warrent a frontburner story, warrent being the key word here, as in THAT is the reason characters with large fanbases ought to be frontburner and why those without, SHOULD not. That does not say being a character with a large fanbase is what is keeping said character on the frontburner, which by the way is a complete misnomer since S/K, J/M, B/H have spent large amounts of time in the last couple of years OFF the frontbunner, especially last year

eta: I also bolded the first sentence in the quote...having a right to a frontbuner storyline is NOT the same thing as getting one due to established popularity

and your idea of the audience being well acquainted with a character (and the actor whose chemistry made the couple in question) and mine are obviously worlds apart lol

Yes, none of it would have worked without decent writing and yes it has been sadly lacking the last several years. Long enough to realize that somebody shit in the talent pool in Hollywood. Days has suffered through some of the worst writers imaginable for over ten years now starting with the end of JERís first run, then to Sussman-Molina, Langan, Higley, Cwickley and Brash after that I kind of stop paying attention so Iím not sure if anyone came after those and before JERís second run, then Sheffer and now back to Higley. I think assuming that things arenít going to get better before the pink slip arrives would be a good one to make.

just because you don't consider all of the people on that list talented, doesn't mean most other posters would agree and you might want to think about basing your view of the writing on something other than merely how they treated your couple. That is not the basis for whether a writer is talented or not. The ONLY fans I've seen complain about Cwickley and Brash's tenure was a portion of the J/M fanbase. There were probably others that I've missed but that still does not make them shitty writers, but writers you didn't like. I didn't like JER on either of his runs at Days but I would never suggest that means he's a shitty writer.

It really would help matters if you didnít misquote me. I DID NOT say that some actors werenít capable with a good story of creating excitement, although in some cases that is true.

perhaps you remember writing this line??

That they've been the Days for so long now shows that if they were ever going to be a big drawing card, they already would have been

you do understand that creating excitement means they would be a drawing card as you put it?? After all, that was the entire point of your post, marketability...right? Excitement=viewer attention and positive feedback

also, the entire quote above that I posted from which I took this sentence implies that you believed that could not be the case...that actors without the large fanbases could not generate excitement because in your words...it all comes down to popularity That entire paragraph was about why popularity is important in your opinion and that those who don't have it can not be marketable, period and you explain why you believed that was the case.

Some actors just arenít cut out for lead roles for whatever reason, that isnít unique to Days or daytime, a lot of actors have made a verygood living playing supporting characters. I have seen James Reynolds shine in a supporting role, thatís what has endeared him to me all these years, but I do think he has what it takes to be a lead, the answer is no.

I think we've already established numerous times that we completely disagree about talent and the actor's abilities and where that can take them if they get a good enough story. I'm curious...is taking risks, even stupid ones something you believe in? That is how people grow...doing things they didn't believe possible and I have little respect for those who listen to anyone telling them something is impossible, and a lot of respect for those who completely ignore such attitudes.

Let me see how many bows and hearts I can give you, Madeline.
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What an excellent post.
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