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Sep 18 2008, 10:37 PM
Sep 18 2008, 03:35 PM
Whatever it is, I hope it's in character. The hospital scenes got it absolutely perfect : even as Stefano wanted to take revenge on Marlena, he sat there and fantasized about her. The Stefano/Marlena scenes after the Shelle wedding tapped into that dynamic as well. Stefano has always been completely intrigued by Marlena, but in his warped world, that manifests itself in his hurting her in order to force her to care for him.
I agree with you. I think you got Stefano completely right even when he is furious with Marlena he is still intrigued by her and cannot stay away from her. I hope the writing is true to the history and characters also.
Great post. This storyline was supposed to bring J&M closer and when it drove them further and further apart this summer, it was just to hard to watch. But the minute J&M have scenes like the ones her office and the mansion, I'm hooked back into the story. I just hope it plays out as described and isn't just on 1 or 2 show "event"
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