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Iím making this a two parter just for youÖ

Rather than post individual replies your last two posts to me, I donít want to clutter up the board this will long enough as is. Theyíre here if anyone cares to read them if they can get past the tap dancing and spinning of wheels. Some of it is unintelligible and some of it just arguing over things you claim we already agree on but keep bringing up as if there is some problem with my opinion on it.

Iím not going to waste my time and everyone elseís on things that donít warrant a response. Iíll just highlight some of my particular favorite posts by you directed to me for examples.

Letís go back to where this started.

I stated my opinion in a thread of how I had always considered Abe and Lexie to be secondary characters. A thread you were not involved in at the time. And went on to surmise what I think will happen in the awful autism story and how Lexie will proceed to cheat on him once again. And that I thought Abe deserved better. Here is how you respondedÖ

you like him supporting your favorites so much (which is what he's spent years doing), he shouldn't be a leading character? That is your idea of the character deserving more?? Ouch

You donít know me and yet instantly jumped to conclusions about me. Was it the J&M banner? Did that tell you everything you needed to know to make this assumption? Thatís shortsighted and unfair to someone you just met. I liked the banner and borrowed it from a friend. I donít know how to make banners and if I included everyone that I liked then it would be kind of large.

The best part was your telling me what I think. I never stated I liked him supporting just my favorites you jumped to that conclusion and ran with it. Abe hasnít had many scenes with or done much supporting for J&M in ages, so you couldnít mean them.

I have never presumed to know who your favorites are or accused you of only liking them only when they are supporting your favorites. I have never questioned your loyalty as a fan of a character/actor. Doing all that would be audacious and rude. I responded with civility and let this go, which in retrospect I probably should have addressed immediately.

I didn't accuse you of anything lol...I pointed out that it appeared that you wanted Abe to remain a supporting character because he would continue to prop your favorites.

Yeah, ya did and you just did again with this statement and with zero basis for it. You still donít know who I enjoy watching Abe with, you never bothered to ask you made up your mind without any facts. I certainly havenít done that to you.

I had been enjoying talking about the show with lots of civil and intelligent posters voicing their various opinions until you chimed in and proceeded to tell me what I think and how I feel about Abe as if you somehow really know more about what I think and mean than I do. LOL!

ok, though I don't see that make one character or the other more deserving, except for you personally. Just because a character has a higher degree of morality doesn't make that character more deserving than another(unless that is the case for you because you like Abe better).

Getting accusatory again arenít you? ďExcept for you personally.Ē And personal too. I am entitled to my opinion and you are entitled to yours but you are not entitled to get personal and be accusatory and all because you don't like what I said about about a soap character.

speaking of putting words into someone else's mouth

Hmmm, I pretty sure I said, IÖ but let me check real quickÖ Yes, I did say I. Saying I before making a statement implies that someone is stating their opinion or thoughts.

Your rabid fixation for misquoting and repeated twists would give most anyone the impression you were itching for a fight. Good luck with that btw.

you will notice, it specifically says, the characters, such as Lexie and Abe have fanbases that are NOT large enough to warrent a frontburner story, warrent being the key word here, as in THAT is the reason characters with large fanbases ought to be frontburner and why those without, SHOULD not. That does not say being a character with a large fanbase is what is keeping said character on the frontburner,

And you do notice the text you chose to quote me on is from a in depth, very enjoyable and pleasantly stimulating discussion I was having with another poster and in response to a question that he asked me and to which I gave my opinion and I still stand by.

which by the way is a complete misnomer since S/K, J/M, B/H have spent large amounts of time in the last couple of years OFF the frontbunner, especially last year.

You did say "the past couple of years" and that would be the misnomer.

In 2007 four of the big six ranked in the top fifteen in episode rankings out of a cast of often fifty plus. The other two ranked in the top half. Do really think that Days with all itís money crunches would keep paying their salaries if they didn't believe that they were still their biggest assets even if they writers don't have a clue what to do with them.

And thus far for 2008 except for June and July when only Peter Reckell made it into the top twelve during Boís health crisis. The remaining seven months of this year at least four of the six have consistently made it into the top twelve out of a field of around 50 plus each month.

Here is the link to prove it.


All those who ranked into the top fifteen for last year and this year have sizable fan bases, granted some are larger than others.
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