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Flying Monkey
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Part two for Madeline:

and your idea of the audience being well acquainted with a character (and the actor whose chemistry made the couple in question) and mine are obviously worlds apart lol

I can only guess that “your idea of the audience being acquainted with a character” means you are referring my post to you about each half of the supercouples?

So you deny that that Marlena who had been on the show for at least five years and was popular as Mickey’s therapist in Bayview and later in the popular pairing of Don and Marlena for some time, wasn’t an established character?

That Hope who most viewers knew from relatively recent history at the time as Doug and Addie’s daughter, the little girl Addie risked her life to have and then died to save wasn’t an established character?

That Kayla who was brought in and was on the show sometime having been paired with Chris Kositchek and probably dated at least one other guy before being married to and raped by Jack before Steve came along wasn’t and established character?

That Jennifer well known to be the child of Laura Horton who was raped by her brother-in-law Bill Horton while she was married to his brother Mickey, who came back in ’85 as a troubled teen who grew up before our eyes and had several love interests Glenn Gallagher and I think some other guy, then in the popular pairing of Frankie and Jennifer and later with Emilio before Jack and she fell in love wasn’t already and established character?

Making all these pairings much less risky than ones with two entirely new or much less familiar characters.

Denying the truth is a personal choice on your part. It won’t change the real history of the era and the couples in question. I remember most of it from watching it when it aired. But just in case, I visited a couple of well known Days sites that have extensive character histories just to double check my facts. Do you need links so you can brush up on your history?

I'm curious...is taking risks, even stupid ones something you believe in? That is how people grow...doing things they didn't believe possible and I have little respect for those who listen to anyone telling them something is impossible, and a lot of respect for those who completely ignore such attitudes.

Giving me life lessons on growth is just bit condescending wouldn't you say since I'm all grown up and don't need you to interpret things for me. Examining and weighing all the options and possibilities before taking a risk is most prudent.

Taking stupid risks can have a happy outcome on rare occasions but more often then not it will get you killed. Days doesn’t have the time or the resources to waste on stupid risks. It’s obvious you don’t have respect for anyone who has a different point of view from yours.

if you can't handle behaving yourself in a civil manner without accusing someone else of attacking you just because that person read something into your post you weren't expecting, perhaps you should refrain from debating. I have not called you rude, only pointed out at that what you did in the original post which I responded to came across in a far different way to me that you obviously think it did or should.

You certainly do like to be condescending and to be so isn’t civil. I have behaved in a civil manner to everyone on this board including you. No, you haven’t called me rude and I never said you did, you would have no reason for doing it. You have on the other hand behaved rudely towards me and it all began with my saying what I felt about two characters.

Plenty of things said in this median can be interpreted in ways the poster didn't expect.

Sure anyone can invent whatever interpretation they so chose for anything at all and in unexpected ways. Someone could interpret your above statement to say that you eat cheese in bed while listening to Donny Osmond records. Doesn’t make it right or true or even remotely connected to what was really said. I'm completely aware of how people can interpret things to suit themselves it's phenomenon I've experienced before and again very recently. But thanks for trying to condescend to me again and trying to explain the obvious.

That means I read something into it that you say you didn't mean

I think this one is most precious of all the things you’ve said to me! If I wrote something then who would know better about what I meant by it? You? So you think I need you to interpret what I really mean by something I say because you can “read something into it” that isn’t really there at all except in your own mind? Pass.

This will be my last response to anything you chose to say until you understand the difference between debating and picking a fight. And when you’ve decided to stop misquoting me at every turn. And after you’ve learned to conduct yourself in a civil manner and give your opinions rather than attacking whatever I say as if I don’t have the right to my opinions. Not until there is a halt to condescention. And lastly when you stop believing that you know more about what I think and mean than I do and stop trying to tell me that you do. Have a nice day!
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