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crap, I haven't laughed this hard in days...thanks

please, just for my curiosity and because I have this feeling that the answer is going to even funnier than the last post, wth was the purpose of the quote below? I mean, you do understand that you're participating in a message board...that just because you're quoting someone else that there are no rules that stop the rest of us from commenting?

And you do notice the text you chose to quote me on is from a in depth, very enjoyable and pleasantly stimulating discussion I was having with another poster and in response to a question that he asked me and to which I gave my opinion and I still stand by.

I'd reply to the rest of this but repeating myself is kind of a waste of everyone's time, especially yours and mine, not to mention the distinct feeling of deja vu I'm getting


So you think I need you to interpret what I really mean by something I say because you can “read something into it” that isn’t really there at all except in your own mind?

funny how you replied to everything BUT the statements in which I used your own words to show that you said something you insisted that you did not say or mean...ok, other than one, but that was only used by you to suggest that I was butting in to someone else's conversation. You went to such great lengths to reply to every other thing I had to say but didn't touch any of those points. Wonder why...

perhaps because it would show it's not just in my own mind.

And interpretation does not include going off on a tangent or making up whatever you feel like...it means using what was actually said along with implied meaning...i.e. using the meanings of words to interpret what is not explicitly spelled out in the context of the paragraph or text...a subject that is taught in reading in every elementary school in the world...so no, I'm not making it up
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