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Flying Monkey
Sep 18 2008, 07:49 PM
Any good writer worth their salt could come up with fresh and exciting stories for all the characters including romantic adventures concerning the big three.

The point in putting the big three in another romantic/adventure storyline is because it is what the majority of the audience wants to see, only Days has no clue how to execute that onto the screen. If only they could find a head writer who knows the golden rule of soap writing, which is you have forget who your favorites are and concentrate on the audience's favorites. Someone with a modicum of talent, who would actually do their homework on characters they aren't familiar with, then you might have a change of attitude. It isn't the supercouple that's become boring, it's the writing.
Sorry, but this is a joke, right? Because even ten time Ocar winner writer would have a trouble to write for the big three at this point. As someone above already said, THEY ARE ALREADY IN LOVE, so whatīs the point? The whole system of obstacles and romantic adventures works only when a couple is still not established, when the obstacles can actually really threaten the couple, when the viewers feel something is really at stake.

Steve and Kalya are together and in love, Bo and Hope are together and in love. What kind of romantic adventure they can have? They are years past the point most of audience waited at the end of their seats till they finally admit their love for each other. They are past the point where some obstacle could really danger their relationship. Yes, it can be fun to watch them fight something together and banter all the way, but thatīs not what soaps and especially DAYS are about.

You are saying the most important thing is the popularity and the writer has to write for who is popular no matter how hard or not creative it is. Yet, even Doug/Julie, the most supercouple ever, was one day backburnered to make a place for a new generation when the EP felt they already used any realistic obstacle available and is time the rest them. The big three are way past the point.

I really think what you and the rest of hardcore supercouple fans want is sort of impossible. Not only that, but itīs unfair to us, general viewers, because instead the writers could put all their energy into creating a really good and interesting stories for the fresher couples/characters who really needs the airtime to prove themselves and grow a fanbase on their own, they have to spend most of their time making up the most crazy and unbelivavle plots just so the tired circle can repeat yet again. Just look at the last 15 years. Itīs nothing but a plot device after plot device to keep the big three relevant and still important for the show.

The big three still have their place on the show but as a support, as the parents, as the hard working and succesfull doctors, cops, whatever. Not love sick teenagers.
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