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^ My face watching DAYS

My viewing has severely decreased over the last 6 months.

My interest is slowly going away and I am finding it MUCH easier to miss an episode than before.

The show is not horrible, but is not outstanding by any means. I feel like the show is just waiting to die or something.

It's sad really. I feel like I am just losing the soap opera bug completely, I dont watch ANY other shows at all anymore and don't care to ever again. I could careless what happens to soaps in general anymore. I also barely visit soap board, like this anymore. I just am totally indifferent.

DAYS is the last thing holding me to daytime. I fear that as I lose more and more time as I continue to grow older, that I will completely lose the show.

This summer was a major bummer. Trent/Melanie/Max/Stephanie/Chelsea/Daniel/Nick/Phorgan/Chucas/Film Noir/Hollingsworth Crap. This is NOT the stuff I want to see. Also I no longer want Sami with Lucas OR EJ, the show has driven me from LOVING Sami & Lucas, to practically hating both of them.

At this point I would be happy to see Sami/Lucas leave the show and rest the characters for awhile.

All of this while Hope/Bo/Steve/Kayla have been burning on backburner hell for months (outside of a few forced and forgotten moments here and there).

The absolute only thing holding my interest is Nicole (sans Film Noir) and Marlena/John/Stefano interaction and Kate's new cancer story. I also like that the show has been using Peggy McCay.

Lexie/Abe/Autistic Theo has been MEH, its not the worst, but it certainly is now gripping-can't-miss daytime television either.

DAYS needs to get SHELLE back pronto, axe Melanie/Trent/Max, get Chloe away from Lucas, keep Chelsea AWAY from Daniel.

Man, I truly hate that I feel this way about the show. Thank god I have other past storylines on youtube that I am rewatching and experiencing all over again.
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