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Sep 21 2008, 05:03 AM
The big three still have their place on the show but as a support, as the parents, as the hard working and succesfull doctors, cops, whatever. Not love sick teenagers.

They tried pushing them into supporting roles more than once and it has always failed. Are you making an ageist remark that people say over the age of thirty have no right to be in love or display affection or god forbid have sex? That all those things are strictly reserved for the youth? And that people canít enjoy seeing that from mature couples? I would hope not.

Btw you do realize that I am a fan of a few of the newer couples and characters, but none are strong enough or ready to take over the reigns yet and Days desperately needs viewers right now, instead of trying to drive away the few it has left.

I'm a fan of Jarlena, Bope, Tanna, and Payla. I certainly like their stories, and don't think they should just be support by any means. Honestly, they are the reason I watch. Just because they are in love, I don't think their stories are limited. I don't think the only thing soaps can do are 'meet, fall in love, go thru hurdles, get married, fall in and out of love stories'. I can think of many stories I would like to see with these characters that aren't based on having to fall in and out of love. It's all in how you do handle it.

Similarly, I want and enjoy the younger stories. I enjoy Ej, Sami, Phillip, Chelsea, Nick, Max, and Stephanie, but I do want better stories for them. The Dansea story just did not do anything for me. I tried, but it really repelled me. I don't enjoy Chloe, Lucas, or Morgan because I don't care for their acting (or lack thereof - jmo). I'd love to see the younger characters I do enjoy with better stories, more natural pairings. I feel like in the old days, the writers just let the characters get involved in stories first to see which relationships made sense. Then they progressed somewhat naturally from there. Patch was originally a short term player, but they liked his chemistry with Kayla, and suddenly they were a good couple. It felt like I was rooting for them to be a couple before tptb decided they were going to be a couple, and it made me root all the harder, be more excited when it all panned out. It may be me, but I'm missing that with these couples. It feels reversed like they're trying to tell me who I want as a couple and pull me along vs. me pulling for my couple. Phorgan, Dansea, and Stax felt like that.

The only situation that had me rooting, EJ/Sami has become such a convoluted mess, I'm literally tired of them all. I tried to get into EJ/Nicole, but I really just cannot like Nicole and Ej as a couple. It's a 'me' thing, but I like to think the couple really love each other, care. In theory, I should be able to like a different type of couple who are selfish and snarky and funny and don't really care about anyone, don't really have any moral fiber, but I just can't. I personally like a selfless love, but I know that's 'me' and others probably love something different like this. I'm willing to see how it plays out. I'd just like them to give me a real story vs. forcing something that isn't there. I've had so many times where the couple I've rooted for have lost that I know it won't kill me IF they do it well or if other couples that I enjoy can get me over the hurdle. I do like Nicole. I just don't like her with Ej. She and he both lose something for me. As a flirtation or change of pace, I'd buy it, but not as a real love story. I'd rather her actually find someone that she does really care for more than money, and see her make selfless choices for that person. Again, I know that I'm locked into a real love kinda thing. Depending on how this pans out, someday I may look back and love whatever direction they go in. Won't be the first time. But please, for the love of God, go somewhere!

While I love a good love story, I also love good stories of friendship and family. To me, the problems with the current stories are that friendship and family are often pushed aside because they only care about the couples. For example, I remember when John and Kate turned to each other when they thought Marlena and Roman were dead. While I didn't care for John being addicted to drugs (painful!), it worked to connect Kate and John for me. I loved them being there for each other. Did I suddenly not want Marlena and John together? No, but I did like John and Kate. When Marlena came back, I expected a lot of interesting stuff to play out. A bit of jealousy between these four, but I wanted John and Kate to remain close friends after what they went thru together. Instead, we got the Marlena miscarriage and Dr. North debacle. Kate tried to help John get Marlena back from Dr. North, but then she just suddenly faded away like the friendship was never there. It was like Kate was completely dropped from John's life after all she did for him. Friendships seem to have no meaning, only love counts. I actually like close deep friendships and family. I've seen some shades of friendships trying to come back, but they don't really seem to be a part of the show anymore. I miss the closeness.

I think tptb should look at the cast as a whole and may have to trim where some won't like. While I love my vets, I wonder if there is room to do them all justice. Much as it pains me, they need to get rid of dead weight and introduce new characters. Stop doing young vs. old and interweave the stories so we can learn to love the younger characters like we do the old. Let us see both together. Create enjoyable stories first, let love develop naturally for those not in love, reinforce the love in those characters that are in love.

It seems we only have cop or doc stories now. There are other jobs. I miss Doug's place with Doug, Robert, and Liz crooning out songs while our couples in love or near love danced together. How about a young person trying to break into the music world? A young person struggling to work his way thru college, struggling to make ends meet instead of having everything handed to him? A troubled teen in a difficult home situation? I like seeing young people mature and overcome obstacles more than a bunch of spoiled smarmy yuppies acting like 2 year olds. Give me real stories, and I will go for them!

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