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Sep 16 2008, 07:29 PM
Regarding today's show, I think there were some good elements, but they were either too quick or too drawn out. First, the Lexie/EJ/Theo scenes. I really think NBC should just piece these together, throw them into a made-for-TV movie, and call it a day. I used to watch these types of movies all the time, and my guess is that Dena Higley did too. This story is playing out exactly like that : a character has a problem, through way too much exposition we find out all about it, the character's life is almost ruined because of the problem, then the character comes to a new understanding and readjusts his/her life around the problem. The end. I liked the fact that Lexie opened up to EJ, BUT, did we need to see almost half of the show devoted to it? Did we need to hear all about Theo's diagnosis, that it's ruining Lexie's career (as I've said, her past misdeeds somehow didn't ruin her career, but this is), it's ruining her social relationships with other mothers, it's putting a strain on her marriage, etc etc. Meanwhile, Dr. Dan finds it necessary to explain autism to Nicole. Dena seems to have forgotten she is writing for a soap opera. We are supposed to SEE these things happening slowly, not hear about them on one show. We're supposed to be intrigued and rush to turn on our TVs the next day because we're wondering what's going to happen next. Is anyone so engaged in this story that that's happening?

Marlena/Kayla/Hope - I'd also like to see the 'girls night out', though I'm sure we won't. Marlena's confession to Hope didn't make much sense, given that Hope was written as having pretty much no reaction to it. I still find it hard to believe that no one would have told her in the first place. (And this is Hope, who is usually written as knowing most of what's going on in Salem.)

Dan/Nicole - I agree, tons of chemistry, though I thought the scenes were too long and the dialogue went in circles.

Stefano/Anna - this was a bright spot for me. I liked Anna's reactions to Stefano... it seemed like a real a father-in-law/daughter-in-law type of conversation. Although, the part where Stefano received the note from the maid seemed soooo contrived. Even Joe had an annoyed look on his face. There was no other way to get Stefano that piece of information? A confidential note for someone else ended up in his hands because the other person wasn't there at the time? Riiiiiighhhht.

Also a technical comment - did anyone notice that the previews came out strange? The previews were chopped in three as usual, but it was all the same scene, and Stefano's voice was heard over the transition between the different preview sections. First I thought it was my recording, lol, but it wasn't.

The previews did look interesting, though - hope tomorrow's show is better than today's was!
"I liked the fact that Lexie opened up to EJ, BUT, did we need to see almost half of the show devoted to it?"

Yes we did, that's better then J&M vs Stefano: Round 169
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