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Nicole Dimera
Sep 20 2008, 09:02 PM
I so loved Nicole and EJ's scenes!! How he described thier date and Nicole's reaction to it. I love Ari and James!! I liked the Max and Trent scenes when he had that broken bottle to his neck. I seriously thought that Max could kill him. I like Melanie and Nick so I hope they hook up and Chelsea leaves him alone. I also like how Marlena has been handling hersel lately. She's just kicking azz.
Ari can do crying very well. All quiet, with no big show. That packed a wallop. That was the face of a woman who wants so desperately to think that maybe her prince has come, but knows that it's probably too good to be true.
Max was OK, but I liked how Nick just quietly stood there and didn't flinch. That, to me, meant more than the broken bottle. It's quiet anger, but Blake showed that you don't push Nick's buttons too far and stay safe. I love how they're finally bringing Nick to the foreground. And yeah, Nick and Melanie! Chelsea is becoming too much like Belle and Sami. Running to the castoff when the flavor of the month doesn't work.
I found Marlena tolerable. I just wish she wasn't so frequently the center of Stefano's attention. I think there's story enough with him trying to wrest family control from the DiMera boys.
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