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Sep 21 2008, 09:50 AM
Sep 21 2008, 09:29 AM
Sep 21 2008, 12:34 AM
Personally, I think it's because she wants EJ for Nicole. Nicole's obviously her pet--she brought her back, and since then she's the only character with anything resembling sympathetic writing.
Correct me if I am wrong...and I am sure someone will...but according to an interview with Ari, she was approached before the Christmas holidays to return to Days and couldn't say anything until after March or something when the papers reported her return to Days.

So I am not sure if Dena brought Ari in. Either Hogan or Ed or Corday did. And I am not sure when they decided to do the EJ/Nicole thing because at first, I thought it was supposed to be Nicole and Phillip...this was while EJ and Sami were knocking boots in May.
Then Lucas returns (was that Higley's decision?) Sami goes insane trying to get him back and tells EJ to buzz off...so he goes into Nicole's orbit and then they have sexavator.

So I am not sure if Nicole is Higley's creation, but I will say that Dena knows how to write her over any other character.
If I had to guess who Dena likes to write for my guess like everyone else would be Nicole! I think Nicole is really the only character that Dena has written well. It seems to me that the characters that Dena does not like are Sami and Marlena they are the characters she has written the worst.

There are no emmy moments for any of these actors that I can think of since Dena has written them ... can anyone think of any standout scenes that are emmy worthy?????
You can say the same thing about a lot of them, from other writers, over the years, really, despite the fact we did have Emmy nominees.
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