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Sep 17 2008, 06:15 AM
Sep 17 2008, 04:47 AM
Put it this way... for all those of us who write on DRTV, Soap Opera Network, etc.

Say you've written a strong scene or two. You put your heart and soul and one hour into writing a really strong scene that you think resonates with the audience.

Then you go online after you've posted your material and find someone's changed your dialogue and stage manners, lessening the impact of the scene.

Wouldn't you be pissed? I know I would. That's why I'll staunchly defend the WGA position. Whoever was at fault here has to be punished somehow. Yes, you may not care about the writer or the writing (and I'm not Dena's biggest fan, let's put it this way), but the guild is the guild.
I understand empathizing with the writers, but how about the actors and fans?

These actors have invested a good part of their lives in their characters. As a fan, I've invested a good deal of my life in these characters. Now because Higley is a writer, it's perfectly fine if she comes in and trashes these characters and history that I love because she's lazy and talentless? The way she writes they may as well new actors playing these characters. If I had played a character for fifteen years or more, I think as a person, I'd be incensed over them just killing that character.

This is not a black and white, 'it's wrong' issue imo. They have rules for a reason, but sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. Killing someone is a crime, but if it's self-defense, it's not. There ARE extenuating circumstances in life. IMO, Higley is murdering a good many characters during her reign of terror. I, for one, am glad Ed tried to do something to stop her, and if Ali, or MBE, or SN, or anyone tried to save these wonderful characters against a talentless hack, more power to them. I wish ALL of the cast would rebel. I'm sure there may have been better ways for them to handle this, but I have no idea what all went on behind the scenes. It seems like Corday wants the show to fail, and some cared enough that they didn't want that to happen. I just can't be upset with people who love it as much as I do and tried to save it. It doesn't mean I want actors to write the show, but I'm saying I can understand their temptation and utter frustration.

Writers aren't the only ones who should have rights. I guess the WGA doesn't care about quality at all, but maybe they should.

Kyrai, you're right on that remark too! I support the guild position, but some writers indeed make it difficult. ;)
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