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If the show was cancelled, it would leak out by now.

That and why would the show go and get Tomlin and a new co-HW while also making cast cuts and putting out casting calls?

If the show were going, all that would not be happening. They would begin the process of closing things out around right now since they would be ending in March and you would see some hints from cast members and the like. Maybe they wouldn't come out and tell you but you could tell if they were lying to you or if something was going on.

Corday seemed pretty sure of himself the last time he spoke, more sure then he has been in awhile. I think money is holding this up. The fact that they are hesitant about cutting whoever this mystery vet is maybe is holding it up. Maybe they were told to axe a certain amount of money and Corday is trying to decide who to get rid of and whether or not it should be this so called "beloved vet."

Whatever the case, I would NEVER wish or say I want a soap cancelled. If others do, that's fine but, personally, even if you don't like a show at the moment, chances are that someone does or still does. Not only that but you never know how much you miss something until it's gone. People said the same shit about AW and the following Monday people were lost without it and the hurt of losing it is still there.

I've seen more positive reaction to the show of late then negative so that is a good thing. The right people are on the frontburner and there is some stuff coming for Bo/Hope/Steve/Kayla. I really don't get people complaining about the balance or who has been on since the right people are tops in episode counts this year and all have had meaty material this year. Storylines ebb and flow. It just can't be the same select few all the time.

I know this is more about Higley then anything else but let's remember there were people who felt the same as some in this thread about Hogan, about JER (both times), about B&C, about Langan, and about SSM. It all depends on what you like and whose style you like. For some (like me), it doesn't matter as long as it's still entertaining to them. For others, it does. However, just because the show isn't pleasing you or giving you what you want doesn't mean you write it off or wish ill upon it. Otherwise, how can it ever get better for YOU. It needs to still be on for that to happen. Cancellation is the easy way out. You will always think about what could've been and it will hurt. No matter how much one may hate the show right now. It will hurt if the show goes. If you don't like the show right now, that is fine but the cancellation talk does no good to those who are enjoying it or to those who still maintain hope that things will get better. Society in itself is very negative right now and hopeless, in some senses, so to let that permeate into the daytime world and, particularly in this case, into the Days discussion does no one any favors. I think we all know daytime is dying and if Days is dying, so be it. However, constant reminders of it just cause unnecessary upset to those enjoying the show or to those who still want to maintain hope. I feel like this about any show. Until it actually happens and is confirmed, I just feel it's better to either hope for the best and try to stay away from talking about the worse. I'm not saying don't talk about cancellation, It's all in how you do it. To come out and just say "Kill it" or to say something that seems to have selfish connotations (meaning only wanting it gone because it's not pleasing you or not giving you what you want) I just don't think is right personally. Not telling people what to do or anything. This is just how I feel about the situation and I don't mean no offense. It's just the way I feel.
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