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Sep 21 2008, 06:15 AM
Flying Monkey
Sep 21 2008, 05:03 AM
Sep 21 2008, 03:48 AM

Sorry, but this is a joke, right?

Is your post a joke?

Because even ten time Ocar winner writer would have a trouble to write for the big three at this point. As someone above already said, THEY ARE ALREADY IN LOVE, so whatīs the point? The whole system of obstacles and romantic adventures works only when a couple is still not established, when the obstacles can actually really threaten the couple, when the viewers feel something is really at stake.

And you know this because? I donít remember Days hiring any ten time Oscar winners to write for the show. So John (then Roman) and Marlena fell in love twenty-two years ago and they have had plenty of adventures since and there are still a bunch more they could do with them and a heap load of romantic adventure. Bo and Hope have been together longer and I know their fans could easily tell you what they want to see.

Steve and Kalya are together and in love, Bo and Hope are together and in love. What kind of romantic adventure they can have?

Iím not an S&K or a B&H fans and so Iím not totally up on all their history, but Iím sure if I sat down and talked to several of their fans they could give me plenty of ideas for their favorites. That leaves J&M and I can think of numerous things based in the real history alone that have yet to be covered and I know other J&M who can too.

They are years past the point most of audience waited at the end of their seats till they finally admit their love for each other. They are past the point where some obstacle could really danger their relationship. Yes, it can be fun to watch them fight something together and banter all the way, but thatīs not what soaps and especially DAYS are about.

I would disagree, that is mostly what soaps and Days are about.

You are saying the most important thing is the popularity and the writer has to write for who is popular no matter how hard or not creative it is.

So I guess youíve never read Douglas Marlandís ďHow Not to Wreck a ShowĒ?Ö http://www.soap-news.com/gl/marland042793.htm Still holds true today, the man knew his shit. A writer who canít come up with good storylines for the majority of the main characters needs to find a new occupation seriously.

Yet, even Doug/Julie, the most supercouple ever, was one day backburnered to make a place for a new generation when the EP felt they already used any realistic obstacle available and is time the rest them. The big three are way past the point.

So you know it was the EP who made the decision to backburner Doug and Julie? Could it be that the fans of Doug and Julie simply liked other pairings better and didnít mind D&J being backburnered? Iím think Iím pretty safe in saying the fans of the current big three donít feel the same way at all.

I really think what you and the rest of hardcore supercouple fans want is sort of impossible. Not only that, but itīs unfair to us, general viewers, because instead the writers could put all their energy into creating a really good and interesting stories for the fresher couples/characters who really needs the airtime to prove themselves and grow a fanbase on their own, they have to spend most of their time making up the most crazy and unbelivavle plots just so the tired circle can repeat yet again. Just look at the last 15 years. Itīs nothing but a plot device after plot device to keep the big three relevant and still important for the show.

I donít think itís impossible at all. Days is on the precipice now, there is no time to build up a fanbase for a new character. NBC still has yet to announce if they will renew and for how long. Last time it was only a year, thatís not enough time to throw out all the old characters and bring in all new ones and actually have any viewers left who give a shit. I would think anyone who loves Days and wants to continue watching it would welcome whatever saves the day for now and worry about the future if there actually is one later.

The big three still have their place on the show but as a support, as the parents, as the hard working and succesfull doctors, cops, whatever. Not love sick teenagers.

They tried pushing them into supporting roles more than once and it has always failed. Are you making an ageist remark that people say over the age of thirty have no right to be in love or display affection or god forbid have sex? That all those things are strictly reserved for the youth? And that people canít enjoy seeing that from mature couples? I would hope not.

Btw you do realize that I am a fan of a few of the newer couples and characters, but none are strong enough or ready to take over the reigns yet and Days desperately needs viewers right now, instead of trying to drive away the few it has left.

Great post Flying Monkey. I certainly didn't think your post was a joke! I really hate when fans blame trying to write for the supercouples for the demise of Days. How about writing compelling stories for the newbies and actually hiring newer characters who can act. Or not throwing them into front burner stories before the audience knows them and can get invested in what happens to them. In the last few years John and Marlena have had the set up for some good stories, but whoever was writing at the time seemed to mess them up. Marlena's amenesia story had such a great set up, but it turned into a psycho Alex North drugging Marlena. I'm sure the other supercouple fans can come up with similar examples. For me, it all comes back to failure of the writing.

Jane and Madeline are spot on, as far as I'm concerned. Nuff said.
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