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Sep 21 2008, 01:30 PM
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Sep 21 2008, 01:19 PM
The best story (IMO) is not a Walker/Dimera union - it is the lovestory of a Brady/Dimera! A Walker/Dimera baby, while this baby would be totally beautiful given who him/her parents are, cannot provide the same stories that a baby who parents are Brady/Dimera. Marlena is the grandmother, Stefano the grandfather .... the legacy aspect of children whose parents are Sami and EJ is immense. Plus we can't ignore the Santo/Colleen aspect of EJ and Sami's history... John is looking into the faces of his parents essentially... The story is EJ and Sami's to tell and Nicole, Lucas and whoever comes into the picture are just merely players providing angst creating drama in this developing lovestory....

I love babies - the more the merrier.... I hope both babies are born and their stories are told ... it shows that Days is looking to a whole new generation's stories to be told years down the road...
True, but we already have a Brady/Dimera baby that was born less than a year ago..Its just total over kill to have Sami be pregnant again..
It doesn't have to be over kill - it could give us a good story! There are alot of mother's who could relate to have 3 children under the age of 5! I myself had babies a year and three days apart...
There would just be more rewriting. Right now, based on the way Friday was written, he wants to be with Nicole but feels an obligation to Sami. What, are we going to have EJ as wishy-washy and flightly as Sami, Belle, and Carrie were about the person they wanted to be with?
They had their chance at the "Brady/DiMera" legacy child story, and they blew it.
And, yes, we can ignore the Santo/Colleen aspect because it was a plot device to hammer over our heads the supposed "meant to be" stuff.
And, Days isn't going to have another generation. It doesn't have the luxury of that time.
If Dena can write Sami as being a mother of four and do it properly, more power to her. I haven't seen that aspect of Dena's writing for Sami just yet. Sami's been slowly destroyed since Sheffer.
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