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cj - i agree that the Dimera/Brady storyline has much more meat to it than a Dimera/Walker storyline (I think of the family gatherings, holidays, etc.), but Days has just blown it.

It was clear from Friday that EJ isn't playing Nicole or using her, he is truly interested in her and dating her and getting to know it. It was like Sami wasn't even an after thought. From Friday's scene, it was like EJ didn't even care about Sami.
So what is going on here?

I always got the impression for Dena in her blogs that she was interested in telling a great love story for EJ/Sami, but recently even not counting sexavator, she has totally gone off track and switched it on us.
I think she is either angry at Ali for rewriting her stuff (if that really happened) and has changed her mind about writing a love story for her...OR Ali has requested time off for BL or maternity that totally hinders writing a good love story and it will pick up after maternity leave.
I guess we will see.

As far as Sami being pregnant, I really hate it. I wanted a love story, not I-feel-obligated-to-love-you-now-that-I-am-carrying-your-kid-after-I-willingly-made-love-to-you story. The new baby could come later.

As far as Nicole being pregnant, I would love to see the character development and how she will handle it all, but EJ needs to make up his mind. He can't play a pregnant woman. And we know that EJ won't abandon his children, so now we will forever have a Sami vs. Nicole baby pull.

I just don't look forward to this story at all, especially if they have EJ going back and forth having "feelings" for both women.
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