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Sep 21 2008, 05:40 PM
Sep 21 2008, 05:17 PM
Sep 21 2008, 04:53 PM
They played out the DiMera/Brady dynamic with a baby last year ad nauseam, my goodness, they even centered the whole history of the DiMeras and the Bradys around EJ and Sami through the form of Santeen. Everything last year was DiMera/Brady this, DiMera/Brady that. Everything connected right back to Sami and EJ. I'm frankly pretty exhausted by anything relating to the rivalry between those two families. EJ and Sami have one kid which can be used as a plot device to create drama between Stefano and Roman or whomever down the line, I'm not up for another round of 2007-early 2008.
Even as an individual character, there's nothing fresh and different about Sami having a fourth child. She's already gone through teen pregnancy, she's passed off a child as another man's, she's been through more than one custody battle, she's done WTD, she's had Stefano threaten her safety, hell, she's even produced twins with two different fathers! Her pregnancy adds nothing new the canvas. At least with Nicole, there are many more places to explore since this is her first one. I'd also like to see her alcoholism play into her pregnancy, maybe deal with the issue of fetal alcohol syndrome. This is a completely new dynamic for a character like Nicole whereas it's the same repetitive crap for Sami.
I couldn't agree more, particularly with your comments about how there's nothing new and different to explore with yet another Sami pregnancy. Like you say, there's already a DiMera-Brady child, unless there's more paternity retconning coming up. Although I would love for there never to have an EJami baby, I'm not in favor of retconning either.
All in favor of going on with something new for Sami that doesn't involve Lucas or EJ say I.....
(My one lone little hand going up in the air shyly but defiantly?/??)
If you added Nicole to that list, I'd raise my hand. I like her separate, but not with EJ (not because I like Ejami, but because I really do not like Ej and Nicole as a romantic couple). I would welcome a break from all this for a while, but I wouldn't want to rule all these out a year or two down the road.

I'm at the point where I'm just gonna wait to see what they do.

I've seen a lot of different ideas about what may happen, including one about John marrying Nicole to help Sami get Ej which was intriguing, but implausible since John is still married to Marlena, and another about Stefano growing a little army, lol. It just seems odd to me to have two women pregnant at the same time. I'm curious as to what they plan. Perhaps they just plan to have them both drive Ej crazy with prenatal hormones, but maybe something totally different that no one has even thought of. Maybe Nicole and Sami would become best buds as prego pals!

I'm trying to stay optimistic with the writing change for now.
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