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Sep 18 2008, 09:09 PM

Sorry Phoenixrising that it took me so long to reply to your last post to me. It's getting way too long and you make some good points throughout. I hope you don't mind if I edit it down to just a few things I want to discuss. And forgive me if some of these are out of sequence.

If Steve and Kayla (and keep in mind I adore them and have defended them on this very board when people suggested cutting them from the show) are so popular, how do you explain the ratings doing NOTHING when they returned?

I wasnít watching a lot during the period when S&K returned, but I was reading the boards. Feel free to correct me if Iím wrong here but wasnít it Shefferís idea to bring them back? I know he was at least involved in writing most of their storylines and he stated in the press that they were his favorite couple. It all comes down to the writing. You are absolutely right that S&Kís return did nothing for the ratings, but I wouldnít be so quick to blame the characters or the fans for that. Being saddled with a writer such as Sheffer or the numerous other hacks who helped to destroy this show bit by bit, each one do a little more damage then the last. They get the credit for most of the failing ratings along with the brain dead idiot who runs the show. A good writer could bring back Dave the bartender from Dougís Place and make it exciting.

I also think you being very unfair in your assessment by saying that no one has campaigned or there was no outcry for characters like Abe and Lexie. Look around. I can assure you there is some.

I've been watching since the mid late 70's. I started buying the mags in the early 80's and I discovered the Days internet community about thirteen or so years ago. I've either posted or lurked on just about every message board out there past and present. I'm only new to DR.

Sure there is some. There will always be some for every character out there. Iíve seen several posts in the past championing the character of Bart and demanding his return. Honestly I have not seen any large fans bases for those characters we've mentioned or much if any campaigning and none vigorously.

And as to BALANCE that cry never crossed my lips or my fingertips just so ya know. ;)

The popularity of Suzanne Rogers, John Clarke, Bill and Susan Hayes, and others did not wane yet they were cast aside for Bope, J&M, and Steve and Kayla. How do you explain that? Days could never get away with that now. They tried that same thing last year in early 2007 because Corday wanted to experiment and it failed. Fans in the 80's had to accept the turnover but I also think fans were more accepting of everything back then because, let me just say, the writing back then was all over the place too. The difference was that everything was fresh and new and often times fans get lost in that. I did too.

I beg to differ I do believe that certain actors/characters popularity waned. Once upon a time I loved Mickey and Maggie and still love Maggie to this day, but I was ok with their transition into a supporting role, along with Doug and Julie and I donít think a lot of the fans minded either. The same canít be said for the current of the current favorites. I once read an interview in one of the magazines with Ted Corday and he stressed the fact that he paid very close attention to the emails and calls they received at the studio that listening to the fans is what made Days successful. I would think there would have been a big outcry over D&J or M&M being pushed aside and the studio would have been flooded with mail and the switchboard lit up. I know I used to write letters.

As for B&H and J&M's storylines. Bope has the most but it's not really that many at all when you see it stretched out over time is it? And I don't think a lot of B&H fans would agree with some of your choices as being a B&H story. The fab four used to be in at the very least two or three main stories a year or more, and often in each others stories and supporting players btw, that era was all about BALANCE. But thanks for acknowledging that J&M haven't really had much of any story and some of those mentioned weren't what I'd call a J&M story in ages.

True, not many romantic adventures but, seriously, how many can do you? Are you willing to settle for rehash after rehash? I mean, even a writer at their best can only do so much. You can't just keep doing the same things. The audience does not want to see that.

There are still one or two left undone. How about Marlenaís missing years when everyone thought she was dead. When she came back in í91, RoJohn was more interested in where she had been and what had happened to her than Marlena was. I remember a scene between Alice and Marlena in Shenanigans when Alice said Marlena didnít look to happy about going to San Cristobal to investigate and Marlena told Alice that she didnít want to know. They went down did a little investigating for a day or two, came home and that was that on the subject entirely, except I think for one brief reference when Marlena was playing chess with Stefano and he said something about teaching her to play. I would still like to know exactly where she was and if she was really in a coma or something else entirely. And it could lead to discovering a long lost child that Marlena was just pregnant with when her plane went down. They would be a young adult and be introduced slowly as the next generation. I could probably come up with a couple of residual stories off of that if I thought hard enough. If Days did that story and did it justice, Iím sure it would be a hit with J&M fans as well as the general audience. Now, honestly how hard was that. I could give you more ideas too that havenít been done before or add some new twist to an old theme.

Something has to give and soon. Days doesn't have the time or the money to experiment. If something big doesn't happen soon I have the feeling that the end is truly near. For me that all comes down to good writing and storytelling.
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