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I'm not upset about Nicole gettting good writing. I'm not even upset about her airtime. Although I do think it's a bit much, most characters get their turn at the frontburner. I'm upset that other characters are damaged to make her look good. Chloe looks like an idiot being friends with her after everything Nicole did to over Brady. The Phillip that I know wouldn't be all supportive after she tried to kill his father. And EJ would not think that Nicole calling the police about Sami is "adorable." He loves Allie, and the last thing he would want is for Sami to lose custody because that means EJ will never see her again.

But I'm most upset about Sami. No, Hogan didn't do her any favors, but he wasn't the one who turned her into a Belle wannabee who pouts when she can't have two men. Dena had her have sex with EJ, not because she had feelings for him, but because she wanted to spite Nicole. Sami's done a lot of things for spite--but she's never slept with a man she wasn't in love with. I do think that Sami has real feelings for EJ, but having her spout how angry she was with Nicole right in the afterglow--well, let's just say it wasn't her finest moment. And it only got worse from there.
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