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Sep 21 2008, 09:05 PM
Flying Monkey
Sep 21 2008, 07:44 PM
There are still one or two left undone. How about Marlenaís missing years when everyone thought she was dead. When she came back in í91, RoJohn was more interested in where she had been and what had happened to her than Marlena was. I remember a scene between Alice and Marlena in Shenanigans when Alice said Marlena didnít look to happy about going to San Cristobal to investigate and Marlena told Alice that she didnít want to know. They went down did a little investigating for a day or two, came home and that was that on the subject entirely, except I think for one brief reference when Marlena was playing chess with Stefano and he said something about teaching her to play. I would still like to know exactly where she was and if she was really in a coma or something else entirely. And it could lead to discovering a long lost child that Marlena was just pregnant with when her plane went down. They would be a young adult and be introduced slowly as the next generation. I could probably come up with a couple of residual stories off of that if I thought hard enough. If Days did that story and did it justice, Iím sure it would be a hit with J&M fans as well as the general audience. Now, honestly how hard was that. I could give you more ideas too that havenít been done before or add some new twist to an old theme.

I would dearly LOVE to see a story like this, and I'd love to have another John and Marllena son or daughter. In particular, I've been wanting Phil to get an solid love interest. I loved him with Belle, maybe her sister could knock his socks off. Great idea!
I love Philip too and Jay. But J&M already have Belle (I miss Martha's Belle) so I would be kind of hoping for a son, raised by Stefano of course. Once they found out what happened to Marlena during that time and they've discovered the son. He could be manipulated by Stefano and working to break up J&M. They could separate temporarily for his sake and have lots of angst and even trying to sneak away to meet a few times. ;) It could be great drama as the work to build a relationship and undo Stefano's dirty work.
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