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Viewing Single Post From: Rumor: Ali Sweeney to be FIRED from DOOL?
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Sep 21 2008, 09:16 PM
I'm not upset about Nicole gettting good writing. I'm not even upset about her airtime. Although I do think it's a bit much, most characters get their turn at the frontburner. I'm upset that other characters are damaged to make her look good. Chloe looks like an idiot being friends with her after everything Nicole did to over Brady. The Phillip that I know wouldn't be all supportive after she tried to kill his father. And EJ would not think that Nicole calling the police about Sami is "adorable." He loves Allie, and the last thing he would want is for Sami to lose custody because that means EJ will never see her again.

But I'm most upset about Sami. No, Hogan didn't do her any favors, but he wasn't the one who turned her into a Belle wannabee who pouts when she can't have two men. Dena had her have sex with EJ, not because she had feelings for him, but because she wanted to spite Nicole. Sami's done a lot of things for spite--but she's never slept with a man she wasn't in love with. I do think that Sami has real feelings for EJ, but having her spout how angry she was with Nicole right in the afterglow--well, let's just say it wasn't her finest moment. And it only got worse from there.
This is all probably true, but I was already tired of Sami by the time Dena got on board. It was during the Sheffer years that it was "All EJami, all the time", almost, and as far as I'm concerned, she was ruined. The only thing that has saved EJ for me is the fact that he's being put with someone else, and as far as I'm concerned, I've noticed a distinct change in the EJ attitude with Nicole, and I like it. So, I guess I'm hot and cold about Dena. I don't like a lot of what she's done, but I do like what she's done with Nicole. Except for the Chloe fruit roll-up incident, I've liked Nicole ever since I started watching again three or so years ago. I really liked her with Sami in comedic scenes. Now, if Dena screws that up or misses that boat, I might be upset. UNLESS all the backstage crap is true, and people in general are pissed at Ali because she's the diva, and that spark is gone, I really want to see more Sami/Nicole scenes like that. I doubt that there's dissent with Ali backstage, but you never know.
It goes back to the old adage "Leave them wanting more". I got so much of Sami, I was saturated, and I don't want more. Not unless it's the old Sami.
And, it doesn't even bother me that Chloe is friends with Nicole. Look at Hope and Lexie. You think they should be friends again after what Lexie did with Zach? Or Hope and Chelsea. Shoot, with Hogan, you wouldn't think Mimi would roll over and help Shawn and Belle escape with Claire, or that Shawn and Belle would ASK Mimi to do that. Sami made peace with oldJohn before the accident. Making peace with an enemy isn't anything new if it helps the direction of the story or really, isn't necessary. Is it necessary that Chloe and Nicole be enemies now? I don't think so.
After all, didn't Sami get Heroine-ized by Sheffer? The snarky Sami who was always after revenge when she got hurt was the Queen of Perfect just last year. The very thing that got some people turned off to her. Why is this any different than Nicole?
And I don't exactly see Chloe and Nicole being best of buds. I think Chloe is still written as being wary of Nicole, which is good. And I think Nicole realizes that.
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