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Sep 21 2008, 09:52 PM
Sep 21 2008, 07:18 AM
Excellent post. It seems that since Ms. Higley took the reigns in late January, she has been on one long power trip. Belle and Shawn were young core characters in a lead story, and they were unceremoniously shoved out the door at Ms. Higley's bequest. Next Mr. Sheffer's writing staff was deliberately fired one week before the strike ended, so that Ms. Higley could assemble her own "talent pool". (Whatever one's opinion of Mr. Sheffer's episodes, his dialogue writers were some of the best in the business, so this was unnecessary and very damaging to fragile state of Days.) Then Ms. Higley went directly to the media with her complaints about Mr. Scott's writing adjustments to ensure that he was terminated, and she was successful in that, as well causing several Mr. Scott's hires to walk in protest. Finally, between her "diva" allegations against Ms. Sweeney and her systematic destruction of Sami's character, she has apparently been gunning for Ms. Sweeney for some time. Nothing against Ms. Zucker, but the writing for Nicole is so much stronger, more flattering and sympathetic for her character, than it is for Sami or even Marlena, that the character is fast becoming Days' version of AMC's Babe. I also will second other posters in saying that I don't watch Days for stories about autism or lung cancer, not because I can't relate to these issues, but because I can. Days has been the escapist, romantic soap with stories centered around the Bradys and Hortons for the past quarter century, and for the show to have any chance for survival on NBC or on another network, it needs to get back to that, and to get rid of Ms. Higley, ASAP.
Phoenix, in regard to your rather prominent banner, I should make clear that up until a few months ago, I watched 95% of Days without fast-forwarding, which means that I am a front row survivor of Higley 03 and her work in the winter/spring of 08, not to mention her tenure on OLTL. This summer I have often found myself regularly watching the first fifteen minutes and then deleting the rest of the episode., and that is rare for me. I stuck with the excruciatingly silly airplane plot last summer, but at least that was intercut with two stories using Belle and Sami that I enjoyed. I am not permanently stuck in the 80s, but I did consider Mr. Sheffer's biggest mistake to be not involving the vets in the vendetta, or for that matter not using Days veterans very much at all. But for Ms. Higley to enter stage right and make Max, Nicole and Theo's autism the center of the show, when the show is in real danger of cancellation, is counterintuitive. There isn't a story there that is more than mildly interestly, and where have the fan favorites (as opposed to Ms. Higley's) been? Even when Marlena or Sami have shown up, they haven't been written in character. As others have posted, Bo and Hope get occasional theme-based episodes, but they have not gotten a long term story. Steve and Kayla are rarely used at all, and the show's best young actor, Ms. Melvin, was given a romantic interest that did not suit the character or the actors involved. Stefano's return has been botched (despite an excellent opening during the Olympics) by having him live in the same house with John and all the rest. There have been a few good episodes under Ms. Higley, but overall, she has been far inferior to what she replaced, despite her use of popular vets like Mr. Hogestyn. And from the entertainment perspective, she has been unceasingly dull compared to most of James Reilly's work. Her lack of compelling stories, combined with her backstabbing rampage, means that Days would be better off without her.

Just catching up on this thread, but River, you've explained this so clearly, and I agree 100%. Excellent, excellent posts.
How is this firing any different than any other firings that take place once a new "regime" is put into place? Didn't this also happen when Sheffer took over? The only difference is that between Reilly and Sheffer, there were transitional writers. Correct me if I'm wrong, but several of those transitional writers were shown the door when Sheffer took over. Ditto when Ed Scott became EP. Didn't he bring in his own crew?
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