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Sep 22 2008, 06:04 AM
And, it doesn't even bother me that Chloe is friends with Nicole. Look at Hope and Lexie. You think they should be friends again after what Lexie did with Zach? Or Hope and Chelsea. Shoot, with Hogan, you wouldn't think Mimi would roll over and help Shawn and Belle escape with Claire, or that Shawn and Belle would ASK Mimi to do that. Sami made peace with oldJohn before the accident. Making peace with an enemy isn't anything new if it helps the direction of the story or really, isn't necessary. Is it necessary that Chloe and Nicole be enemies now? I don't think so.
After all, didn't Sami get Heroine-ized by Sheffer? The snarky Sami who was always after revenge when she got hurt was the Queen of Perfect just last year. The very thing that got some people turned off to her. Why is this any different than Nicole?
And I don't exactly see Chloe and Nicole being best of buds. I think Chloe is still written as being wary of Nicole, which is good. And I think Nicole realizes that.
I completely agree with these points. I don't mind former enemies becoming friendlier--as you say, Chloe is still wary of Nicole, she's not exactly calling her up to go to the movies and hang out and do each other's nails. As long as the show doesn't forget history and gives me some reason to accept why two people who used to hate each other now get along, I'm fine with it. People forgive all kinds of things in real life.

All your examples are good. I mean, Hope had a lot to forgive with Chelsea, and she did it. Neither one of those two characters is among my favorites, but I think they've had some very nice scenes together. The Christmas scene from 2006 was extremely touching.
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