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Sep 22 2008, 12:50 PM
Sep 22 2008, 12:18 PM

Nicole comes across (to me) as a person who does whatever she likes without feeling the least bit guilty of what she's done. She uses men to get what she wants. So now, exactly why am I supposed to root for her? Nothing makes me empathize with her in the least. She's a funny interesting character, but not a sympathetic character at all to me.
^Sami is also someone like you are talking about. She really NEVER expressed remorse for anything she has done...maybe regret because she got caught. For instance, she has no problem shacking her son up with her sister, but some of the most dispicable stuff she has done, she has done to her sister. Not to many apologies thrown to Carrie.
Even John and Sami...John forgave Sami before he died because that seemed like the kind of guy he was. He loved Sami. There was no "sorry I fed you drugs" etc from Sami, just an understanding that she was stupid and he forgave her.

I am more surprised that Roman and Nicole don't acknowledge their romp in the hay right before she left last time. You think that would come up.

And I think that Nicole uses men because she is used to men using her. I can see her issues when she was sexually abused and exploited by her father affecting her behavior as she got older. Unlike Sami and Chelsea who had decent upbringings with no abuse who currently act out for no reason.
What does Sami have to do with how I feel about Nicole? I have issues with Sami myself, and because I've followed her since childhood, they are very involved. But how I view Sami has nothing to do with how I view Nicole.

I asked why I am supposed to sympathize with Nicole. I've heard Nicole mention an abusive past, but I've never really seen it (perhaps I've missed it). All I see is a girl who doesn't want to work for a living, but expects men to just support her for some unknown reason. I do know women from difficult family situations, and they are ok with working for a living. In fact, they seem to be MORE independent minded to me than people who are brought up in wealthier families. They choose to help themselves by NOT being dependent on men. Nicole comes across as a lazy leech to me.

However, let me state this another way.

IF I were to see Nicole really feel for someone other than herself, I could grow sympathetic to her for a romance. I just don't see that in her. I could take her with EJ as a tactical couple if they didn't try to make it as if they are suddenly deeply enamored of each other. If they both stayed sharp, unemotional, and snarky, then I could see them uniting in pursuit of common goals, more of a practical couple, not a romantic couple. As a romance, they just don't work for me (and I emphasize 'for me' - I like selfless love in my romantic couples).

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