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Kyrai - I don't see how your views toward Nicole would relate to your views toward Sami either. I was trying to relate what you were saying to how I feel about Sami sometimes, and about how some characters seem to gloss over any awful past history together in favor of a renewed friendship...maybe just to fit the story.

You had also asked why you should root for Nicole. I am not telling you why, I am just explaining my reasoning for overlooking some of Nicole's antics because of her troubled past. There is alot of talk on other boards about Nicole being a trashy, manipulative whore, but her abuse and exploitation as a teen lead me to a more sympathetic view towards her. You carry that stuff with you for awhile, and it sometimes directly/indirectly continues to influence your life.

However, as a grown woman who was a good businesswoman, I would hope that she could grow out of the "marrying for money" and look towards a means of self support and reliance. Maybe with Victor's money gone, she will find a job with Titan (ironic!). It would be great to see a self supporting young woman on that show...even if she is knocked up with EJ's kid.

great assessment, luvpumpkns.
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