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I must say I really liked the show today. The Trent murder mystery styline build up had a distinctive Reilly feeling with all the charactger revealing their motives, but I didnīt mind, I think it actually helped to build up the excitement.

I love the writing for Nicol. I quess the Trent/Nicole marriage revelation was Scottīs idea because as soon as Dena took control again she revealed it and get rid of it without even slight fanfare. Dena makes it very clear Nicol is the sympathetic one in this story and I really love all the nuances AZ is integrating into her character. I also love her dynamic with Victor. I deifinitely agree he still has a soft spot for her.

Molly Burnett is really growing on me and I hope she will not be let go like some rumour said. In the few episodes she was on she already fully restored the failed dynamics between the Nick/Max/Chelsea/Stephanie quadro and now all the characters are interesting again. I love Max as the protecting brother. I love Chelsea finally realizing her huge mistake letting Nick go. I love Nick as Melanieīs hero. I even donīt mind Stefanie as the concerned girlfriend because this time her worry is real and justified. IMO, itīs one of the most interesting stories right now and Iīm really looking forward to the murder mystery.

Btw. itīs really interesting how nobody ever mentions Melanieīs mother so I think the original Denaīs plan was to reveal Nicol as her mother but Scott changed it at the last moment and we got the marriage revelation instead. Either that, or they are atleast still toying with the idea.

The talk between Lexie and Stephano was nothing short of wonderfull and Lexie played the still caring but not wavering daughter of a bad guy so well. It was exactly the right amount of concern with much more disgust completed together. Really nice touch.

Anyway, today it was the first time I had a feeliing the show is really getting together again. All seemed to have a clear direction and there was no wavering. Even the editing and cuts between scenes seemed to be much more thoughtfull. I hope it means the mess is finally behind us and there are some strong DAYS ahead. Gary Tomlin certainly seems to be determined to bring the excitement back.
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