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I can understand why some people don't like Nicole based on what she's done in the past.

So far, from what I've seen, Nicole came back to Salem a different person than when she left. Some say she's after money, yet she settled for far less from Victor than what EJ could have gotten for her. We've also heard her saying to other characters how she's finally realized that money does not buy happiness and now what she really wants is to be with a man that loves her.

I really hope the writers continue to play Nicole as more sympathetic, yes, because I really like her character. She really seems to be trying to make amends to the people she's done harm to. Trying to be friendly with Chloe, striking up a friendship with Philip, etc.

I guess the issue is why can viewers sweep some characters actions under the rug and practically pretend as if it never happened (i.e. EJ for one, and Sami), and yet hold other characters to some other level where they won't forgive them (i.e. Nicole). EJ certainly has done things just as horrible as Nicole, some things were worse than Nicole, yet his shit don't stink to many viewers. Folks are willing to overlook his crimes because they want him with Sami at any cost.

Fair is fair I say. If one can forgive EJ, you'd think one would be able to forgive Nicole as well. Both of these characters have shown so far that they are changing and growing up to some degree.
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