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Sep 22 2008, 02:55 PM
Sep 22 2008, 01:51 PM
I understand and agree she CAN be a better person. My point is, I've never seen her even struggling to want to be a better person at all. She's totally fine with being selfish and using people to get what she wants.

IF/when she meets someone who makes her realize there is more to life than using people, and she would like to be a better person, then maybe I'd like her and root for her romantically. Right now, I don't.

i think that what you have said is true to some extent. i don't think any fan of nicole is going to try to pretend that she's a goody-two-shoes heroine. that being said, she has cared for people geuninely. there was a time when she did care for victor. i believe she also loved brady, and didn't use him. does that excuse what she did to chloe? obviously not, and i suppose some will say that what she tried to do to chloe proves she never really cared about brady. i disagree. before nicole hatched the face-scarring bacteria scheme, she found chloe alive and faking her death. i think nicole was geuninely horrified that chloe would break brady's heart like that over a scar, and i think she felt that brady didn't deserve a woman that would do that to him. that then led her to try to keep the two apart, and of course she did it partly out of selfishness, too. but that doesn't mean she used brady or didn't care for him. i fully believe she did.
I guess that's where we differ. I saw all of that and never thought she cared for Victor at all. From the beginning, she seemed to be using Victor for his money. I never thought she cared about him at all. I briefly wondered if she had fallen for Brady and I would have actually liked them falling for each other, but as you mentioned, I'm one who most definitely feels that what she did to Chloe proved that she didn't care about him, only herself. She just wanted to win at all costs. I personally just don't see how scarring someone like that can be justified as love at all. It's selfish and just wrong on so many levels to me. I love my brother, and even if I'm convinced someone my brother is seeing is a louse, is there any justification to physically scar that person to make him drop her? It may be me, but I just don't see it at all.

I'm not trying to be difficult. I cannot come up with one thing since she's been back, not even a minor thing, that shows me she's a caring person at all. She is sad and lonely, but imo, she deserves that because she doesn't care for anyone but herself.

I'd actually LIKE to see her change into a good person, but she also plays a villain really well, and I'd miss her spoiled selfishness if she did change. People can be shades of gray, but her selfish personality seems ingrained into what I like about her. 'I don't poopy scoop' pretty much sums her up to me. If it takes effort on her part, she doesn't want to be bothered. She's funny and I like that.

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