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Sep 22 2008, 04:22 PM
I still don't see how that works, though, because I would have thought we would have gotten some hint that Nicole has more secrets relating to Trent. I can't believe she wouldn't have told EJ when she confessed to him that Trent was blackmailing her. I just don't see it. Not trying to be argumentative, and heaven knows the show pulls stuff from nowhere all the freaking time, but this is one of those times that if they do I'll be furious.
You are right, but letīs not forget the show was written by Scott and his team for a while. He could simply nix the idea. Iīm not saying itīs sure but something is definitely up in the air because the way everybody just ignores Melanie has to have mother is suspicious. I mean thatīs one of the first thing I would ask for sure, especially seeing what creep her father is.

I would also not make much from what Nicol said about her marriage so far. She is obviously ashamed and she is admitting only as little as possible. She doesnīt have any reason to admit being pregnant with his child.

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